Intensive Therapy Services


Intensive therapy sessions offer clients:

  • Relief from complex difficulties in times of crisis
  • An accelerated level of care
  • Specialized approach from the clinical team
  • Structured and focused treatment
  • Flexibility for long distant relationships  

Our intensive therapy packages include:

  • Collaboration of our intensive clinical team
  • A comprehensive assessment
  • Personalized treatment goals
  • Clinical interventions tailored to your goals
  • Support for clients traveling from other states
  • After care and support plan

If you would like additional information about which type of service might be the best fit for you, we offer a 90 minute intensive intake assessment with a clinician on our intensive team.  During the intake, the clinician will gather information regarding your specific needs, discuss the intensive process and package/scheduling options. We can also assist you with scheduling traditional therapeutic care or provide you with resource options, so you will be leaving the meeting with support possibilities.

We Tailor Packages to Fit your Needs

Individual Intensive Packages

Intensive therapy 
Intensive counseling
Individual therapy
Stress and Anxiety
Grief and Loss

Designed for individuals that are wanting concentrated time to explore personal growth and development as well as additional concerns. Packages start at $675 and vary according to the number hours/days and the needs of the clients. Some individual challenges addressed with intensive packages include:

Divorce & Aftercare

Stress & Work/Life Balance

Grief & Loss

Stress & Anxiety 

Navigating a Medical Diagnosis

Individual Growth & Development

Couple Intensive Packages

Intensive couple therapy 
marriage therapy retreat
Sex and Intimacy

Designed for couples that are needing critical care or wanting to heal from a relationship injury, as well as other complex issues.  Packages start at $675 and vary according to the number of hours/days and the needs of the clients.  Some concerns addressed within couple intensive packages include:


Sex & Intimacy

Marital & Relationship Crisis 

Conflict & Communication

Relationship Transitions

Enhancement & Strengthening of Relationship 

Family Intensive Packages

Intensive family therapy 
Intensive counseling

Designed for families hoping for focused attention on concerns impacting the family unit. Our therapists work with family members of all ages.  Packages start at $675 and vary according to the number of days/hours and the needs of the clients.  Some concerns addressed within family intensive packages include:

Parent-Child Relationships

Adult Family Relationships

Families Navigating Substance Usage

Grief & Loss

Blending Families

Families Navigating a Medical Diagnosis

Challenging Transitions

Trauma & Family Resiliency 

Premarital Packages


Designed for couples wanting to prepare for their marriage and participate in premarital counseling. This package comes with an online comprehensive assessment that the couple can do from the comfort of their home! After they complete it, they will come to our office to discuss their strength and growth areas of their relationship! The Intensive Clinical Team is trained in both the PREPARE-ENRICH and FOCCUS programs. Some concerns addressed within premarital packages include:

Extended Family Considerations


Roles & Expectations

Communication/Conflict Resolution

Covenant Marriage Requirements

Inquiries About Intensive Therapy Services

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