FAQs for Intensive Therapy Services


How long is an intensive?

Your intensive package can range anywhere from 3 hours to several hours over the course of multiple days. We tailor each package to fit the client need. The intensive package includes the collaboration of our intensive team, facilitation of the intensive session(s), and development of a post intensive care plan.

What is the cost on an intensive package? What forms of payment do you accept?

Given the time invested in preparing and facilitating our intensive packages, the fee varies depending on they type of package. The fees associated with your package would be reviewed with you ahead of time and a deposit is made at the time of booking to reserve the appointment. The Clinic accepts cash, check, Visa, Master Card, and Discover. 

Who may benefit from an intensive?

Individuals, couples or families in distress who would like relief offered in a condensed period of time. Our intensive packages focus on the immediate concerns of the clients, and explore after care options of support.

Who can participate in an intensive?

We support individuals, couples, and families in distress. We work with clients of all nationalities, ages, newlyweds, cohabitating couples, same sex couples, individuals navigating divorce, and clients from out of state. Couples that are in long distant relationships or family members that are out of state have also expressed benefits of intensive therapy services. 

What if I am already in services?

Our intensive team takes a collaborative approach internally and externally. We are able to coordinate care whether it be with your medical professional, another therapist, or inpatient services.

How is your clinical team different than others?

Our intensive team is comprised of professionals and leaders in the industry specifically trained in relational dynamics with specialized experience focused on in-depth care. Our intensive team will take a collaborative approach to build and personalize each client’s intensive package and goals. We believe our collaborative approach offers well rounded care and support to meet our client’s needs.