Professional Support Services


The Arizona Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic is not only dedicated to providing quality services to the community, but also to providing quality support to other professionals within the field.  With years of experience teaching, supervising, training supervisors, providing psychotherapy, and serving on various boards, our team understands the challenges that arise for behavioral health professionals and we’re here to help. 

Case Consultation

From time to time, clinical and ethical questions may arise when working with a client and it’s important to consult with other professionals for support. It’s especially important when concerns regarding risk assessments and mandated reporting obligations may present themselves. We welcome clinicians’ questions about the process of clinical case consultation, as several professionals have expressed interest, needs, and inquiries regarding the overall clinical case consultation process. 

Staff Development and Training

Whether you’re part of a large/small private practice or an agency, most settings can identify specific training needs or areas of interest for further growth and development.  We are available to present on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, clinical supervision, documentation practices, and navigating the applicable rules and statutes regarding practicing psychotherapy.  Trainings can range from a brief presentation to multi-day trainings, from lecture to round table discussion.  We strive to tailor each training opportunity to the needs of the attendees.  In addition, we may be able to coordinate for continuing education credit for some trainings.

Practice Consultation/ Program and Organizational Consultation

The process of opening a new practice or expanding a current practice can be overwhelming. Thus, we understand the considerations and challenges, as well as the excitement that comes with developing a practice.  We also know the value in having the support of other professionals.  We welcome working with individual practitioners or leadership teams to identify your strengths, needs and areas of growth during the different stages of development. 

Application Consultation

The application process for associate or independent licensure can be overwhelming at times.  It’s important to review the requirements and the materials you are submitting thoroughly and carefully.  In our experience, an extra set of eyes can be very helpful.  Having supervised and guided several students and supervisee through the licensure processes, we’re here to help others navigate the process.

Remedial Services

If you’ve found yourself the subject of an investigation, complaint, and/or have agreed to a consent agreement it is likely that you would benefit from a practice audit, practice monitoring, and/or clinical supervision. These services may help you develop a more ethical practice and comply with orders from the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners.